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Borderlands: History of Los Angeles

La Raza newspaper in East Los Angeles

Lost LA Hangman Trees


Chicano! History of The Mexican American Civil Rights Movement that was originally on PBS. A four part series. If you are looking for the education focused portion that highlights the East LA blowouts it is called Taking Back the Schools
Portions of this can be found on youtube. It was only a video copy when it came out.  Check your local library or ask friends if they have copies.
From The National Latino Communications Center, KCET Los Angeles and Galan Productions, Inc.

Mendez v. Westminster: For All the Children
Documentary interviewing members of the Mendez family and other community members on the ruling that moved to desegregate schools in CA. I purchased this documentary when the director released it at a CTA conference in 2002.
I still have the same copy.
Ask friends or check your local libary for a copy
Directed by Sandra Robbie
A film about the 1968 East LA blowouts by Chicana/o students.
Check your local library. Can also be purchased online.
Directed by Edward James Olmos

The Graduates
A documentary examining the state of Latina/o/x education through 6 students in 6 different cities of the U.S. on their path to graduate from high school.
Check your local library. Can also be purchased online.
Directed by Bernardo Ruiz

The Lemon Grove Incident
Depicts the 1931 incident where Mexican parents in Southern CA struggled to prevent segregation of their children into a Mexican school.
Check your local library. I did check if there is a way to purchase and it seemed expensive.

Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary
Documentary on the impact of California’s Proposition 187 through the eyes and viewpoints of students, teachers, and parents at a Los Angeles elementary school.
Can be found online or ask a friend
Directed by Laura Angelica Simon